The Genesis

A king is admired & respected not by jewels and possessions, but in his ability to influence, move and unite the people. We at LuChi Royale Clothing Co. believe that our garments embodies and projects what it requires to be a true king. We provide attire for those who walk as kings, talk as kings and just as well think like kings. In order to be treated as royalty, one must present himself as royalty but do not forget, theres no King without a Queen.

Join the uprising… Welcome to LuChi Royale.


From the CEO

“LuChi Royale Clothing Co. isnt for the average person. Its for those who claim much more than is offered. For the leaders of today. The originators. The Boundary Pushers. The Risk Takers. The Kings…Royalty. See everyone cant grasp the concept of the responsibility of a King. A King just isn’t put into place to rule. He’s there for the people, to lead, to protect, and to represent. Same goes for Queens. We believe our product embodies the life of an everyday modern king and queen leading there people to their prime.”