Untold Memoirs – “From the CEO”


In the winter of 2011, about a year and a half ago. I was sitting in one of the final classes I needed to graduate,which was web design. Html and CSS just weren’t my strongest courses. Strangely enough ,I failed this class once before. It was project day and time to present the websites we’ve been building all quarter,to our classmates.

One classmate at a time goes up presents their project and finally its my turn. I’m not to thrilled about presenting it because in my eyes it looks pretty mediocre. In my mind I’m just trying to get out of this class. So.. here goes nothing. My speech is on point.. my pronunciation is great .. my enthusiasm is impeccable. Ahhhhh… I’m all done. I’m pretty excited about my clothing line logo and thrilled that I finished my speech. My teacher stands up and comments on my presentation. He loved the way I I presented the information and was pleasantly surprised by my enthusiasm and professionalism.
My thoughts are racing and Immaturely, Im thinking ” Yea whatever,just give me my grade so I can get out of here”.

After all that praise and glory an unexpected question was asked. Is this a real clothing line? What is the name of your business? Are you serious? How much have you sold? Do you even have a website? I was shocked and most of all embarrassed because the answer to most of his questions were “NO”. With a black stare and an awkward silence . My teacher then decides to Google my company on the projector screen…in front of the whole entire class. Don’t get me wrong this was great advertising if I really had a website with adequate products but, I didn’t. The only thing projected was a ,”Facebook like page” and a registered domain name.

Embarrassed couldn’t even describe what I was feeling. My teacher exposed me in front of the entire class. He showed everyone that all I had was, “a dream”. The clothes that I’ve hyped up to my classmates for so long was sitting on this huge projector with 2 shirts on Facebook and a domain name that leads nowhere. Of course I felt played, targeted, cornered so, I left the class. Not quietly though. I slammed the door behind me in frustration. I cooled off in front of the school with a good friend and a cancer stick. Now that I look back and think, it was pretty childish but we all go through that stage. Glad I’ve grown up some. Don’t worry I quit smoking too.

That experience has gave me time to think. That one valuable presentation changed my life. I thought to myself. How could all of my hard work be deemed irrelevant by one man that influenced others to feel the same way.After I came back to my senses it hit me. Maybe my sh*t does suck! I have 2 shirt designs which aren’t that great and no website. I came to the realization that the whole time I’ve been dreaming instead of actually working. Dreaming of what it would be like instead of making it a reality.
A 3 month hiatus took place. I decided to prepare myself for the journey that was ahead. I was constantly up at night researching and reading testimonies, stories and ideas from others who were in the same boat as me. Then I put together a plan to dig myself out of the hole I pushed myself into. Once I truly put forth the effort the life of LuChi Royale Clothing Co. completely changed.

That was then. This is now. We’ve learned. We’ve grown. We’ve improved. That day I committed myself to never being put in a situation to be judged by my work effort again. Today we’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve turned most of my dreams into reality by committing to work and I can say that this is just the beginning. We’re no where near close enough to our expectations of what LuChi Royale can fully offer but we’re working to get there. I encourage others to step back and truly take a look at what your doing and ask yourself “Am I really giving it all that I got? Am I putting in the time, work, and effort to accomplish the things I really want? Am I preparing for a victory?” I know I wasn’t. I had to make a change. If not, all you have is a dream.

I want to thank my instructor for pushing all the right buttons ,hat fine day. Also my classmates for giving me the, awkward blank stares. It was all motivation. Nothing more nothing less.”

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